Aunt Butchies

    • Chocolate Mousse Cake

      A very light chocolate mousse with an oreo crust and topped with whipped cream and chocolate shavings.

    • Tiramisu

      Imported mascarpone cheese and heavy cream layered with lady fingers soaked in espresso and topped with a cocoa.

    • Black & White

      A Belgium white chocolate mousse nesting on a bed of fine chocolate mousse, topped with a chocolate ganache.

    • Mississippi Mud

      Rich vienna fudge pressed into a crust filled with a luscious chocolate mousse and covered with fudge crumbs and ganache.

    • Carrot Cake

      Granulated carrots with a variety of spices baked together and topped with a silky smooth cream cheese.

    • Chocolate Oreo Cheese

      Creamy New York style cheese cake, with oreo crumbs on bottom, chunks of oreo inside the cake and on top of the cake, and topped with a chocolate ganache.

    • Chocolate Raspberry Vienna

      Very light chocolate mousse with thin layers of Chocolate Vienna cake topped with a touch of raspberry sauce and chocolate ganache.

    • Brownie Cheese

      A creamy marbleized New York style cheese cake with a thick, rich layer of chocolate brownie.

    • Raspberry Almond Cheese

      A creamy New York style cheese cake filled with raspberry sauce and topped with toasted almonds.

    • Apple Crunch

      Heavy crumb bottom filled with fresh apples, walnuts, topped with lots of crumbs.

    • Pecan Tart

      A traditional pecan pie in a buttery cookie tart shell.

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