frozen cakes

    • Strawberry & Cream

      A three layer yellow genoise cake is smothered with strawberries and luscious whipped cream. An all-American treat.

    • Sublime Indiscretion

      Under this stunning marbleized ganache design are multiple layers of cappuccino cream and chocolate cake.

    • Vanilla Cheesecake

      The perfect cheese cake - very rich and creamy - made with 100% pure cream cheese, enhanced by a layer of feather-light whipped cream.

    • White & Chocolate Mousse

      A fantasy dessert. Satin white chocolate mousse nests on a layer of chocolate chocolate mousse. Together they are enrobed with a divine dark chocolate. White chocolate curls decorate the top.

    • Chocolate Truffle Torte

      A dense rich FLOURLESS chocolate torte is topped with a hand poured chocolate glaze and surrounded by slivered almonds. A chocoholic's dream.

    • Chocolate Velvet Boule

      A dome shaped cake filled with a velvety chocolate mousse and clothed in a gorgeous chocolate glaze. A veritable black diamond. One of our signature desserts.

    • Lemon Charlotte Royale

      Food artistry at its finest. Swirls of delicate raspberry roulade pastry encase a luscious light tangly lemon mousse.

    • Moon Mountain Torte

      Domed mountains of chocolate and crunchy hazelnuts rest on a cake layer laced with rum and hazelnut cream. On top is a rich chocolate glaze sprinkled with white and dark chocolate curls.

    • Mama Apple

      Two layers of moist cake, chock full of apples, nuts and raisins hold a scrumptious cream cheese filling. Mama at her best.

    • Chocolate Pomegranate Torte

      A scrumptious blend of Pomegranate Apple and Cranberries nestled between two layers of dark chocolate genoise cake. Finished with a hand poured semi-sweet ganache glaze.

    • Red Velvet Cake

      Adorned with red roses, chocolate leaves and cocoa crumbles, our all natural layered cocoa cake and cream cheese icing is sure to become your favorite.

    • Peaches and Cream Cake

      Brings you back to a Georgia summer at Grandma's - perfectly ripe peaches blended with pure butter and cinnamon. The crunch of cinnamon crumbles paired with peach whipped cream completes this cake. Sure ro bring you one step closer to heaven.

    • Chocolate Mousse Cake

      A very light chocolate mousse with an oreo crust and topped with whipped cream and chocolate shavings.

    • Tiramisu

      Imported mascarpone cheese and heavy cream layered with lady fingers soaked in espresso and topped with a cocoa.

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