Plaza Sweets

    • American Beauty

      This is the ultimate chocolate cake. A high three layered chocolate cake filled with rich chocolate cream then surrounded by our famous chocolate glaze and appointed with an elegant chocolate border.

    • Apple Crunch

      When that craving for a sweet strikes, this is the satisfier. Concealed between two crispy crunchy layers is a lavish layer of apples and spice.

    • Apple Galette

      A buttery homemade crust surrounds a mixture of sliced apples, plus a hint of cinnamon and nutmeg, topped with a dusting of powdered sugar.

    • Banana Coconut

      An abundance of ripe bananas makes this three layer cake so moist. The cake is frosted with cream cheese inside and out and dowsed with flaked coconut everywhere.

    • Berry Berry Tart

      Glazed blackberries and raspberries twinkle on top of our frangipane filled crust.

    • Blood Orange Mousse Torte

      A layer of yellow cake, slathered with orange marmalade, holds a light blood orange mousse, topped with a deep blood orange glaze. A perfect balance of sweet and tart.

    • Congac Pumpkin Cake

      An exquisitely spiced creamy smooth pumpkin cheese mixture topped with a layer of creamy whipped cream.

    • Cranberry Pear Tart

      Glistening cranberries and pears sparkle on top of an almond frangipane filling. An outstading ending to a festival meal.

    • Chocolate Dynamite

      Chocolate cake with a fabulous chocolate filling and fudge-like dark chocolate layer on top.

    • Coffeholic

      Three thin layers of chocolate slathered with sublime coffee cream and topped with cloud-light vanilla whipped cream.

    • Mexican Hot Chocolate

      Three dense chocolate layers filled with a special blend of spiced chocolate and topped with cinnamon infused whipped cream.

    • Cannoli Cream

      Rich ricotta cheese with a hint of orange and chocolate chips combined with a light genoise cake make this Italian-French fusion an international treat. It is covered with an ambrosial whipped cream.

    • Carrot

      It's no wonder that this is a winner. The secret ingredients are carrots, walnuts and pineapple blended with TLC.

    • Chocolate Pecan

      There is currently no description for this product. Please check again soon

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