Plaza Sweets

    • Chocolate Raspberry

      A rich deep chocolate sour cream cake layered with succulent raspberry preserves is wrapped in chocolate glaze.

    • Chocolate Hazelnut Ganache

      Delicate roses sit atop our hand-poured chocolate glaze icing. This three layer deep chocolate cake is slathered with a delicious toasted hazelnut filling and a rich, decadent chocolate ganache.

    • Island Rum Cake

      A buttery, yellow genoise cake, laced with rum, is filled with a classic pastry cream and coated with a delicious mocha buttercream icing.

    • Lemon Raspberry Delice

      A perfect, light dessert. A three layer, yellow genoise cake is filled with luscious lemon filling and raspberry preserves. French white buttercream surrounds the outside of the cake with a glistening apricot glaze topping. Delicate flowers complete the picture.

    • Marble Fudge Cheesecake

      A chocolate crust is layered with the creamiest of vanilla cheesecakes. The fudgey chocolate marbling throughout and the chocolate glaze atop make this truly sinful.

    • Raspberry Crumb Cheesecake

      A decadent vanilla cream cheese filling is topped with a raspberry jam and then surrounded by a crunchy, nutty, buttery graham crumb mixture.

    • Strawberry & Cream

      A three layer yellow genoise cake is smothered with strawberries and luscious whipped cream. An all-American treat.

    • Sublime Indiscretion

      Under this stunning marbleized ganache design are multiple layers of cappuccino cream and chocolate cake.

    • Vanilla Cheesecake

      The perfect cheese cake - very rich and creamy - made with 100% pure cream cheese, enhanced by a layer of feather-light whipped cream.

    • White & Chocolate Mousse

      A fantasy dessert. Satin white chocolate mousse nests on a layer of chocolate chocolate mousse. Together they are enrobed with a divine dark chocolate. White chocolate curls decorate the top.

    • Chocolate Truffle Torte

      A dense rich FLOURLESS chocolate torte is topped with a hand poured chocolate glaze and surrounded by slivered almonds. A chocoholic's dream.

    • Lemon Mousse

      A delicate genoise cake crowned with a tangy lemon mousse and topped with a light whipped cream.

    • Golden Pecan Tart

      There is currently no description for this product. Please check again soon

    • Molten Chocolate

      A warm chocolate sensation. Our flourless chocolate cake - oozy and delicious - is impossible to resist.

    • Chocolate Velvet Boule

      A dome shaped cake filled with a velvety chocolate mousse and clothed in a gorgeous chocolate glaze. A veritable black diamond. One of our signature desserts.

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