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    • Tiramisu Cake

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    • Chocolate Pomegranate Torte

      A scrumptious blend of Pomegranate Apple and Cranberries nestled between two layers of dark chocolate genoise cake. Finished with a hand poured semi-sweet ganache glaze.

    • Black Forest Cake

      Chocolate, cherry, kirsch and whipped cream; a timeless classic now presented as an individual dessert.

    • Red Velvet Cake

      Adorned with red roses, chocolate leaves and cocoa crumbles, our all natural layered cocoa cake and cream cheese icing is sure to become your favorite.

    • Peaches and Cream Cake

      Brings you back to a Georgia summer at Grandma's - perfectly ripe peaches blended with pure butter and cinnamon. The crunch of cinnamon crumbles paired with peach whipped cream completes this cake. Sure ro bring you one step closer to heaven.

    • Chocolate Mousse Cake

      A very light chocolate mousse with an oreo crust and topped with whipped cream and chocolate shavings.

    • Tiramisu

      Imported mascarpone cheese and heavy cream layered with lady fingers soaked in espresso and topped with a cocoa.

    • Black & White

      A Belgium white chocolate mousse nesting on a bed of fine chocolate mousse, topped with a chocolate ganache.

    • Mississippi Mud

      Rich vienna fudge pressed into a crust filled with a luscious chocolate mousse and covered with fudge crumbs and ganache.

    • Carrot Cake

      Granulated carrots with a variety of spices baked together and topped with a silky smooth cream cheese.

    • Chocolate Oreo Cheese

      Creamy New York style cheese cake, with oreo crumbs on bottom, chunks of oreo inside the cake and on top of the cake, and topped with a chocolate ganache.

    • Chocolate Raspberry Vienna

      Very light chocolate mousse with thin layers of Chocolate Vienna cake topped with a touch of raspberry sauce and chocolate ganache.

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